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I had a couple of hours to kill during my flight to LA so filled up my iPod with podcasts and packed my most recently bought computer book. I had an audiobook and an ordinary paperback as well as normal people do...

As an funny coincident the book I brought was Robert C. Martins Clean Code and the first podcast I listened to was Robert C. Martin on dotnetrocks.

Well, I can recommend both the book and the podcast, even if I'm not all the way thru the book yet it discuss topics that I care about and he has some good points in there.participate in.


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Finally, I did get the time to watch Henrik Knibergs talk at Agile 2008 it was called 10 Ways to Screw Up with Scrum and XP and it was brilliant. It has been on my to-see-list for a while now, but because it's 90 minutes long and I didn't find a way to download it to view it on my commute it took a while to get the time. I recommend everyone who's doing Scrum or is about to start out with Scrum to see this.

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The first day was on the subject of “Agile Development with Team System”, which consisted of four sessions. The over all impression of Roy Osherove is good. He is a good speaker, who manages to fill the audience with enthusiasm in four consecutive 75-minute sessions.

Session1 : Introduction to Agile Methodologies and Concepts

Roy started by talking about the basic thoughts about and the fundamentals of agile methods. It was, at least for me, old stuff, but it was useful to get a review and another person’s angle on the subject.

He continued by comparing traditional (engineering) methods with agile, adaptive ones. He also did a quick walk through of a number of agile methods and the differences between them.

To the end he talked about the agile manifesto and how to, step by step, move toward a more agile way to work.

Session 2: Test Driven Development with Team System

In his second session, he talked about unit tests.

  • What they are;
  • What they are not;
  • How to write bad or good unit tests;

And at last I got to see some code on the screen…

He compared different frameworks and products for unit testing .NET-code:

  • NUnit
  • MbUnit
  • Team System Unit Testing

The differences, strengths and weaknesses.

Session 3: Continuous Integration

In his third session he went through how to set up Continuous Integration with TFS. And how to do it if TFS isn't available: with MSBuild and/or CruiseControl.Net

There were lots of demos in this session as well.

Session 4: Running Projects using Scrum and VSTS

The last session of the day was about the Conchango Scrum plug-in to VSTS and how to use it to get the Scum process working with VSTS.

Lots of demos of the different steps to move the work forward, for example to create product backlog items and sprint backlog items etc.

It seems that it works smooth and easy and it’ll be fun to start with this on Monday when I’m coming home."