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So, I’ve finally got a go on going to a conference this fall and it’s TechEd – Berlin.TechEd 2009, Berlin

I did thing about going to PDC again, but I thought it looked rather lame this year – TechEd has more sessions and more interesting ones.

And of course for me, living in Sweden, the extra 15 hours on a plane in each direction must promise more to motivate going across the planet instead of just a short 2 hour flight to Germany.

Now it’s time for the session puzzle, selecting which sessions to go to. Usually there’s 2 or 3 sessions each slot that are interesting and usually it’s hard to decide. A first “this one might do”, just based on speaker and title gave somewhere between 30 and 40 sessions in about 20 available slots…

But I know from previous TechEds that I will change my preselected session during the week, so there’s really no point in spending too much time on this at this moment.