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At first I was a little bit disappointed because the level was way to easy, at least way to easy to have categorized this session as "advanced". But after a while Phil Haack speeded up and showed the ASP.NET MVC Framework in a nice manner, and since I've just worked with one of the earlier CTP's it was nice to see the beta and to get a sense of where the product is now.

And as a bonus he called up Jeff Atwood, you know - the man behind CodingHorror blog. Jeff and a couple of more has built a new site, www.stackoverflow.com, with this ASP.NET MVC Framework and he shortly presented how he did it. It was relates to one of the Hanselminutes podcasts I did listen to on the flight to LA.

A common reflection here is that every demo or example of web apps so far here at PDC has some component of MVC in it. It may be accidental and due to some kind of hype factor, but it seem that even if MS say they will continue with WebForms their focus will be more on the MVC front in the future. Well and of course Silverlinght...

So, if you haven't looked at it buy now, it about time. Start at the ASP.NET MVC web site.