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Well, at last I got to my hotel and today I'm struggling with adjusting to the time zone and to start making decisions on which sessions to see, but for tomorrows  pre-conference it's easy - I've already signed up for "Concurrent, Multi-core Programming on Windows and .NET" with David Callahan, Joe Duffy and Stephen Toub.

The intro text on this topic says:

The leap from single-core to multi-core technology is altering computing as we know it, enabling increased productivity, powerful energy-efficient performance, and leading-edge advanced computing experiences. The good news is that Windows and .NET offer rich support for threading and synchronization to take advantage of these new platforms. This session, presented by David Callahan, Microsoft distinguished engineer, Joe Duffy, author of "Concurrent Programming on Windows” (Addison-Wesley), and Stephen Toub, program manager lead for the Concurrency Development Platform team at Microsoft, will cover a broad range of topics, including mechanisms to create, coordinate, and synchronize among threads; best practices for concurrent libraries and apps; and techniques for improving scalability, including lock-free algorithms. Focus will be on .NET programming, including the next generation of parallel programming support within the Framework, but Windows internals and C++ nuggets will be discussed too.

It'll be a good start of this week to get a update on this because I think that this is going to be a problematic area for the coming years. Well, not for every application but for some and especially for those applications/projects that I want to participate in.