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When the marketing email with this book arrived from Microsoft Press in February, I immediately felt that this was a book I had to read – and one that would like. The email contained an excerpt from the foreword by Wintellects John Robbins, who wrote:

“Reading Solid Code is like experiencing a great project led by a top development manager and working with excellent coworkers.”

Because the book wan newly released it took some time to get it delivered, and perhaps that build up more expectations. When I finally got it I quit listening to my regular podcast on my commute and started to read this…but…

The first 2/3 of the book was really trivial, and I just kept on browsing through it waiting for the gems – but they never appeared. I seriously thought of throwing it away but forced myself to read it trough. But at the end I regret myself, it was a waste of time. This book contains nothing new that other books on the subject don’t have, and  does a much worse job than other books.

But sometimes You need the rain to appreciate the sun… The next book in the pile is Steve McConnell’s Code Complete – 2nd Ed. I read and enjoyed the first edition a long time ago and I look forward to see what he has come up with now.