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I had forgot how much I like going to this kind of events.

Last night when leaving home and started the trip toward Berlin, I said to myself “why did I signed up for this?”. And after I picked up the swag and looked through the sessions for day 1 I still have this feeling of “why?”.

TechEd, and other conferences, usually starts with a big keynote. But not this year – and I don’t know why. I use to have a plan, a schedule, picked out in advance which I the always change after the first keynote – so it felt kind of odd to decide ahead which session to go to and stick to that. I think this adds up the feeling of “why?”

But then the first session started and I immediately remembered why I like this: skilled speakers, interesting topics, new technology – what else could a geek wish for?

Two great morning sessions:

  • DEV305: ADO.NET Entity Framework in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • ARC301: From the Trenches - Using Architectural Skills to Increase Solution Adoption Success Rates

were followed by two pretty lousy keynotes, one for developers and one more general – but the last one was more to the IT crowd, if you ask me.

So, in summary, the first day was not as it use to be at TechEd, strange order on things and lousy keynotes.