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Not that many interesting titles to choose between at the first slot, so I picked the session based on speaker more than the title and went to:

ITS202 - The Daily Scrum (Stephen Forte)

Nice talk, but a 200-level session on a topic that I kind of know. Next slot I saw just one session that were interesting, but that was enough

DEV306 – F# for Parallel and Asynchronous Programming (Donald Syme)

was awesome. How should I do to start working with F# – I got to come up with a plan for that!

I had a quick lunch so I could go to a lunch session:

DEV01-DEMO – TFS:Become productive in 30 minutes (Brian Randell)

Nice quick overview. Initially it was Doug Seven that was supposed to do this talk, but he had to go home and Brian did a good job as the substitute.

After lunch it was time for

WIA202 – Silverlight 3: What’s in It for Developers? (Tim Heuer)

and it was a good update. I haven’t look much into Silverlight for a while now and it’s definitely time to pick it up again.

After a long coffee break while strolling around in the exhibition hall it was about time for some serious coding:

DEV309 - The Windows API Code Pack: How Managed  Code Developers Can Easily Access Exciting New Windows Vista and Windows 7 Features (Kate Gregory)

Lots of code and good examples how to build jump lists, thumbnails etc. This was the last session for the day and then it was time for one of the social parts for this event – country drinks. Time to chat and get to know peers from home.